“Top 10” benefits to becoming a PODS Association Member

“Top 10” benefits to becoming a PODS Association Member 1 – Legal use of the PODS Pipeline Data Model The PODS Pipeline Data Model is the intellectual property of the […]

“Top 10” benefits to becoming a PODS Association Member

1 – Legal use of the PODS Pipeline Data Model

The PODS Pipeline Data Model is the intellectual property of the PODS Association, Inc. and the Association holds the exclusive right, title, and interest, including copyright, to this intellectual property. In order to legally use the PODS Pipeline Data Model, your company must be a member of the PODS Association.

The PODS Pipeline Data Model is the industry standard supporting the entire asset lifecycle.  It is the sandbox that both operators and service companies can “play” in to continuously drive innovation and pipeline safety.

2 – Receive New Releases

The work of the PODS Technical Committee on Governance is to incorporate approved changes, enhancements, and improvements to the PODS Pipeline Data Model. Both major and minor releases of the PODS Data Model occur periodically. The Association also publishes updates to PODS documentation, including the PODS Data Dictionary, the PODS Implementation Guide, PODS Data Interchange Standards, and other documentation. To receive new releases and documentation updates, you must be a current member of the PODS Association.

Members may download current and past releases of the PODS Pipeline Data Model and documentation. Also available are PODS Data Interchange Standards, sample domain values, and other documentation. The Association has also created the PODS Technical Forum and Wiki-PODS, where PODS members post questions, and read and search for answers to questions, and review, search, and collaborate on PODS documentation in a members-only environment.

3 – Advanced Review of New Releases

Once a new release is approved by the PODS Technical Committee and the PODS Board of Directors, it is sent to PODS member companies for review and comment. Members are encouraged to test the changes included in the new release, and to submit comments back to the Association on their findings. These comments are compiled and each one is addressed. The dialogue of comments and responses is documented and included in the final release documentation, as well as a detailed description of any modifications made to the model as a result of the comments received.

5 – Access to PODS Regulatory Resource Center

Some areas of the PODS website are accessible only by login – such as the resource centers. Your employees’ access to these areas is governed through our membership database. An unlimited number of member-company employees may create a login to the PODS website. 

As an additional added value to PODS members this resource center provides a federal and state-by-state register of regulatory links of interest.  PODS has developed this resource center as another step as the information hub for pipeline integrity, regulatory, compliance, maintenance and operations personnel.  PODS members will have access to all state and federal regulations as well as be in the know when any of these regulations are updated or when new regulations are published.

4 – Access to PODS Data Resource Center

Nearly every government entity nationwide manages GIS data specific to their governing area.  As an additional added value to PODS members this resource center provides a federal and state-by-state register of thousands of these datasets that may be useful to PODS members.  Initial target services will be DOT and Energy related with additional datasets to follow.

These datasets are ArcGIS Feature Services, which are essentially live data feeds.  There are many benefits of feature services:

  • Data is free to use and managed by government entities.
  • Data is live, meaning that as the data owner (such as USDA or Texas Department of Energy) updates this data, the PODS member immediately sees the updates.
  • Data is hosted and published by the data owner over the internet, there is no need for the PODS member to download or copy the data which would take up room on servers.
  • Wide variety of datasets
  • Feature services are compatible with all modern ESRI platform interfaces

6 – Access to PODS Training Modules and Education Library

As an additional added value to PODS members the Training Resource Center provides integrity, GIS, compliance, regulatory and operational pipeline training as well as an education library. The library will house all of the PODS webinars, PODSCasts, white papers, blogs, project profiles, testimonials, animations, FAQs, presentations, standards and implementation guidance.

Trainings and content here have been specifically curated to the pipeline operations, maintenance, and integrity community with the aim of continuous improvement so please let us know if you would like to see a specific training topic and we can add it!

7 – The Opportunity for Representation on the PODS Technical Committee, the PODS Board of Directors and Voting

PODS member companies are encouraged to submit candidates to serve on the PODS Technical Committee and the PODS Board of Directors. Participation on the Technical Committee is subject to Technical Committee Steering Committee approval. PODS Board members are elected by PODS-member companies. Each member company in good standing may nominate candidates for these positions.

Each member company may cast a single vote in PODS Board of Directors elections, and in other matters put before the membership for vote. The voting member for each company is designated on the PODS membership form.

8 – Learn from pipeline data managers from around the globe

Many of the issues faced by any one member are common across the industry. To ensure that an organization makes the most effective decisions, they need to be aware of industry best practices and lessons learned.

Each year at the PODS User Conferences and Forums, member companies give presentations on technical challenges they have faced, and the solutions they have developed. These best practices and lessons learned can help you to avoid roadblocks and pitfalls, and lead to a more efficient solution.

9 – Network with other PODS users with access to the detailed member directory

PODS provides its members with opportunities to interact with their peers in the international pipeline community. Attending the PODS User Conference, joining Work Groups and Committees, and participating in the online Technical Forum can help individuals to establish and build long-term industry peer relationships.

PODS maintains a list of current member companies on the PODS website, including a link to each company’s website, point of contact information for the key company member as well as asset information about operators and a services listing for all vendor companies. This is helpful to operators when looking for proposals on specific projects.  

Each new member company has the option to authorize PODS to display this information when they submit their membership form. PODS members may display the PODS logo for as long as they maintain their membership in the Association. This includes web, print, and email advertising, as well as tradeshows and exhibits.

10 – No cost Attendance at all PODS Events

Member companies are strongly encouraged to attend the annual PODS User Conference. Each member company may send multiple attendees at no cost, but the number of free attendees may vary from year to year.

The PODS User Conferences and Forums bring together pipeline data management experts from around the globe, and offers a uniquely open forum to discuss challenges, developments, real-world experiences, and progress in the field of pipeline data collection, analysis, and management. Many individuals have indicated that the knowledge gained from conversations with other members is one of the most valuable benefits of their continued membership in the PODS Association.