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The PODS Community enjoys several added perks to membership – one of which is having access to the regulations, data layers, and a library of educational tools. It’s essential to know how your pipelines are regulated, what you can learn to stay in compliance, and what is around your pipelines. Bonus… the data layers in the data resource center below are curated, accessible, live, do not take up space on your server, and can be integrated into risk or integrity calculations and emergency notifications.

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Regulatory Resource Center

As an additional added value to PODS members, this resource center provides a federal and state-by-state register of regulatory links of interest.  These links are updated quarterly. See below for some examples and log in to see the entire state listings and the Federal sites.

Examples of Regulatory Links: PHMSA and State

Texas Railroad Commission

  • RRC Online System
  • Gas Distribution Operators
  • Gas Transmission Operators
  • Hazardous Liquids Operators
  • Master Meter Operators
  • New Pipeline Construction Reports
  • Texas Pipeline System Mileage
  • Pipeline Safety Training

Kansas Corporation Commission

  • Kansas Natural Gas Pipeline Safety Regulations
  • Pipeline Safety Regulatory Review
  • 811 Call Before You Dig
  • Gas Pipeline Safety Forms
  • Contact Pipeline Safety
  • Previous Kansas Gas Pipeline Safety Seminar Presentations
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Data Resource Center

Nearly every government entity nationwide manages GIS data specific to their governing area.  As an additional added value to PODS members, this resource center provides a federal and state-by-state register of thousands of these datasets that may be useful to PODS members.  Initial target services will be Department of Transportation and Department of Energy-related, with additional datasets to follow.

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Dataset Links:

These links contain multiple feature services, often managing up to 200 unique GIS datasets.

Benefits of Dataset Links

  • Data is free to use and managed by government entities.
  • Data is live, meaning that as the data owner (such as USDA or the Texas Department of Energy) updates this data, the PODS member immediately sees the updates.
  • Data is hosted and published by the data owner over the internet; there is no need for the PODS member to download or copy the data, which would take up room on servers.
  • Wide variety of datasets:
    • Realtime weather radar/storm data
    • Public Lidar data
    • Orthophotography
    • Emergency Response data for natural disasters (i.e., hurricanes)
  • Feature services are compatible with all modern ESRI platform interfaces:
    • Add to ArcPro maps
    • Add to ArcGIS web applications
    • Consumable by geoprocessing tools
    • Can be integrated into calculations and notifications

Training Resource Center & Education Library

As an added value to PODS members, this resource center provides a training resource center and education library.  This library houses all PODS training, webinars, PODSCasts, white papers, blogs, project profiles, testimonials, animations, FAQs, presentations, standards, and implementation guidance.

We curate training and educational content specifically for the pipeline operations, maintenance, and integrity community to continuously improve, so please let us know if you would like to see a specific training topic.

Continuing Education Credits

Continuing Education Credits are available for training, webinars and PODSCasts. Since most continuing education or professional development hours are self-reporting, once you complete a session, please email for a certificate of completion.

Have an idea for a training topic? Let us know!