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PODS Is An Inclusive Global Community Supporting Pipeline Safety Through Asset Knowledge Management.

Digital Asset Knowledge Management

Your company will be a part of a community which is constantly innovating and an integral part of data transparency. PODS continues to support pipeline safety and the energy transition.

Together we are growing and adding more value to our members by building a pipeline community focused on the entire asset lifecycle of pipeline data safety. PODS continues to add resources such as our education library, curated free live data layers, federal and state specific regulatory updates, and technical solutions such as the new ESRI UNet (for Utility Network) and the ILI module using PODS 7.0.1.

The Pipeline Open Data Standard (PODS) Association is the worldwide industry platform and community for efficient pipeline asset data management. PODS is a member-driven organization that provides the exclusive standardized data model standard adopted by pipeline operators (Natural Gas, Oil, Water, Hydrogen, Carbon Sequestration, etc.), service providers, vendors, and regulatory agencies for managing spatial data worldwide. PODS represents the only geospatial model specifically designed by and for pipeline operators with a focus on pipeline safety, single-system-of-record for pipeline asset locations and specifications, regulatory/integrity management and inspection analysis. It has been implemented by over 200 pipeline operators in 36 countries, representing over 3 million miles of linear pipeline assets and systems including facilities, storage, stations, etc. over the last 25 years.

Natural Gas




The PODS data model supports any type of pipeline infrastructure system for many different products.

  • Natural Gas
  • Hydrogen (blue and green)
  • Hazardous liquids
  • Water (wastewater, produced water, drinking water)
  • Carbon Sequestration (CO2)
  • Liquified Natural Gas (LNG)
  • Propane
  • Methane
  • Biofuels
  • Ammonia

Joining PODS

No matter if you support a small pipeline system or are involved across international waters, PODS has a membership package designed to fit your needs.

Large Operator

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Large Operator

Large companies that own and/or operate large pipeline systems with thousands of miles of pipelines and the stations, facilities and tanks that connect them.

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Small Operator

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Small Operator

Smaller companies that own and/or operate pipeline systems with hundreds of miles of pipelines and the stations/facilities that connect them.

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Micro Operator

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Micro Operator

PODS is excited to support a new classification of operators. Micro Operators own/operate less than 100 miles of pipeline infrastructure and/or facilities. We are an inclusive community providing value through a foundational data model for basic operations as well as many resources such as education and training. Pipelines are safer and more valuable when you have a digital representation from the field and what is around them to empower quality decision making.

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Service Provider

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Service Provider

Vendors, suppliers, developers, consultants, technology companies, EPCs, and any other company that supports pipeline operators in the safe construction, operation, integrity and maintenance of their systems.

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Government & Trade Associations

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Government & Trade Associations

PODS has many partners in pipeline safety such as national, state and local government agencies tasked with regulation of pipeline infrastructure as well as the many industry and trade associations that support innovation and collaboration. We are all better together!

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Our passion is pipeline safety and bringing value to our members and community. PODS supports the growing pipeline industry, regulation, and energy transitions.

PODS Association members include pipeline operators (of various sizes – see below for a sample listing) worldwide and the suppliers, developers, and vendors that support them. Government agencies and many pipeline trade associations are also members. In fact, the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) uses the PODS model for its baseline in loading into the National Pipeline Mapping System (NPMS) system.

As a PODS Member, all members of your organization become part of a global network of over 100 companies, associations, and agencies to access a wealth of technical knowledge and experience. Members share innovation and work collaboratively to develop and refine the PODS Pipeline Data Model, discuss new technologies, share passion about pipeline safety and create best practices related to the digital twin and asset knowledge management.

Large Operators

Small Operators

Micro Operators

Value & Benefits For Our Members

As a member of the PODS community, your company’s business needs will be represented as you have the opportunity to become an integral part of improving standard data management practices in the pipeline industry.

  • Access to the PODS standardized data model, advanced reviews and new releases. Any employee of your organization may register as a user of the PODS Association Member Portal.
  • Great connection in a growing US and international community of asset operators, service providers, regulators, etc. with a focus on the entire asset lifecycle.
  • Access to our member directory with detailed information on services provided by vendors as well as asset and contact information for operators.
  • Invitation to all PODS events and socials where you can network with other PODS users online and in person.
  • Monthly PODS newsletter featuring the most up-to-date information and activities from within the PODS community.
  • Participation in PODSCasts where member operators, service companies, and regulators discuss topics such as pipeline safety via data transparency, new regulations, optimizing in-ground assets, innovations on construction and replacements, capitalizing on data as an asset, the energy transition, and opportunistic field data capture.
  • Education resources and certifications via the TEA Center (Training, Education, and Awareness) and Education Library, including pipeline data and GIS, as well as crucial pipeline integrity, compliance, regulatory and operational training.
  • Quick access to federal and state regulatory updates via the Regulatory Resource Center as announced. (This resource is especially valuable to smaller operators!)
  • Use of the Data Resource Center featuring live, curated, and publicly available data. These datasets are live and managed by their respective federal and state-by-state government entities, there is no lag in the data.
  • First opportunity to sponsor PODS events and promotions to place your company front and center in front of the PODS community.
Thought Leadership

As a non-profit organization, PODS remains focused on adding value to members within the pipeline community by focusing on the entire asset lifecycle. Our expert thought leaders are volunteers who have created, operate, and maintain the PODS Association data model to be the global platform for efficient pipeline data management.

Our Passion Is Pipeline Safety And Bringing Value To Our Members And Community.

The PODS Data Model Sets The Foundation:

Effective management of pipeline data.

Practicing safety first by positively influencing engineering and operational decisions about pipelines and facilities.

Assisting with asset knowledge management, the “digital twin” and compliance reporting (like NPMS).

Member Profile

The PODS Association is made up of 100+ member companies with 4,000+ individual participating members. Volunteer members who operate the Association and create the data models are industry thought leaders. The PODS model has been implemented by over 200 pipeline operators in 36 countries, representing over 3 million miles of linear pipeline assets and systems including facilities, storage, stations, etc. over the last 25 years.

The member industry service providers (software developers, GIS, integrity engineers, surveyors, etc.) support the entire asset lifecycle from conceptual design through abandonment.

Become part of this dynamic community by joining PODS Association today!

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100+ Companies, from Small Operators to International Suppliers

4,000+ Active Members

Government Agencies

Industry Trade Organizations