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PODS Association members include large and small pipeline operator organizations worldwide and the suppliers, developers, and vendors that support them. Government agencies are also members – in fact, PHMSA uses the PODS model for its baseline in loading into the NPMS system.

PODS Association members include 100+ member companies and 3,300+ individual members. The volunteer members who operate the Association and create the data models are the industry’s thought leaders. The member industry service providers (software developers, GIS, integrity engineers, surveyors, etc.) support the entire asset lifecycle from conceptual design through abandonment. Become part of this dynamic community by joining PODS Association today!



Vendor Companies: Consulting, Technology, Engineering, Inspection, etc.



Operators with less than 500 miles of Federally regulated pipeline



Operators with more than 500 miles of federally regulated pipeline



Policy Makers & Regulatory Bodies


Benefits of Joining PODS

Your company’s membership in the PODS Association gives you immediate access to the data model used by most pipeline operators and the service companies that support the pipeline industry. The PODS Data Model sets the foundation for effectively managing data; is integral to engineering and operational decisions about pipelines and facilities; and assists with compliance reporting (like NPMS). As a member, your company’s business needs will be represented, and you will become an integral part of improving standard data management practices in the pipeline industry. 

  • Access to the standardized data model and new releases
  • Membership in a growing community of large and small pipeline transmission, gathering, and distribution companies with a focus on the entire asset lifecycle
  • Search an expanded member directory with detailed information on services provided by vendors as well as asset and contact information for operators
  • Invitation to all PODS events and socials where you can network with other PODS users
  • Participation in PODSCasts where member operators, service companies, and regulators discuss topics such as optimizing in-ground assets, innovations on construction and replacements, capitalizing on data as an asset, the energy transition, and opportunistic field data capture
  • Training and certifications via the Training Resource Center and Education Library, including pipeline data and GIS as well as crucial pipeline integrity, compliance, regulatory and operational training 
  • Quick access to federal and state regulatory updates via the Regulatory Resource Center as they are announced.  This resource will be especially valuable to small operators!
  • Use of the Data Resource Center which features live, curated, and publicly available data. These datasets are live and managed by their respective federal and state-by-state government entities, so there is no lag in the data

PODS Member Portal

After an organization has joined PODS and paid its member dues, individual employees may register online as users, accessing the many Member-Only tools and information available on the PODS Member Portal. Your company’s membership in the PODS Association gives you immediate, legal access to the PODS Pipeline Data Model and access to our new PODS Member Portal. This dynamic social site provides discussion forums, training, and resource centers.