Welcome to the 25th Year!

Register today to join us at the PODS Spring Forum on April 25th in Houston!

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Registration is Open for the Spring PODS Forum, Celebrating Our 25th Anniversary.

25 April 2023

25th Anniversary/Spring Forum

3:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Program Agenda

This will be a hybrid event – we hope you can join in person but for those that cannot please register for the live stream to join us virtually.

This forum will include the kickoff of our year-long 25th Anniversary Celebration, PODS Awards, our annual business meeting, updates on the new modules and models, committee updates, PODS roadmap and special guest speakers.

The Grove
Second Floor, 1611 Lamar St, Houston, TX 77010

3 pm – The Grove Treehouse Balcony – Cocktails and networking with sponsors

4 pm – Move to the Vista Room – Welcome from PODS Board President, Todd Patterson, Senior Manager, Enterprise Asset Management for Buckeye

4:20 pm – Gold Sponsors Intro, Awards and Thanks – ESRI, New Century Software

4:30 pm – Committee and Work Group Updates

  • Monique Roberts – PODS Community and Resources Updates, Executive Director for PODS
  • Deborah Matthews – TCG Chair, Manager, GIS for TC Energy
  • Kirk Cameron – TCDM Chair, President of Cameron Systems, Inc., Contractor for New Century Software, Inc.
  • Jeff Allen – PODS Utility Network + APR module – PODS Board Member, Global Pipeline Practice Manager for ESRI
  • Marissa Mijal – Integrity / Regulatory Module Chair, GIS Principal Consultant, Technical Lead and ArcGIS Administrator for INTEGRI-TEK
  • Craig Daly & Joann Ren – Water Data Model, Analytics at Xylem
  • Graham Savage – PODS 7x bp Golden Build (with APR), Geospatial Pipeline SME for bp
  • Pete Veenstra – Importance of Data Governance, Terracon/Pivvot

5:50 pm – Remaining Awards Ceremony

6:00 pm – Keynote Speaker

6:25 pm – Dinner then move back to the Treehouse Balcony

8:00 pm – END

Timeline – How The Community Grew





2023 Spring Forum
25th Anniversary Awards

So much excitement awaits as we celebrate PODS 25th Anniversary! As part of our celebration on April 25th, we will have the opportunity to recognize and award multiple well deserving individuals and organizations who emulate what PODS is all about.

March 1st through March 14th
Award nominations open

April 25th
Award recipients recognized
at the Spring Forum


Volunteer of the Year (Individual)

The Volunteer of the Year is awarded to the person who has made the biggest impact on the PODS organization through participation, innovation, leadership, and just plain grit and hard work. Without this person, PODS would not be all that it is today!

Innovation Award (Individual, Team or Member Company)

Who has the best ideas for advancing pipeline data management from a technical aspect? The Innovation Award is for the person, team or company who always seeks to build a better mousetrap and contribute to the consistent growth and innovation of PODS.

Strategic Implementation Award (Operator Member Company)

Awarded to a PODS operator member who took a major step implementing the latest version of PODS and is prepared to tell and share their story. Maybe they combined databases while implementing or they had multiple changes going on at once or major roadblocks. Whatever the challenge, this organization showcased stellar implementation.

PODS Migration Award (Operator or Service Company Member)

The PODS Migration Award seeks to acknowledge a service company supporting a new PODS implementation or a new operator member using the PODS model for the first time. Seeking nominations of operator companies who have a successful implementation of PODS from another platform (or their support service company) and can showcase immediate improvements and success within their organization. Or a service company member showcasing the successful development strategy to implement PODS at an organization.

Service Company of the Year

To be the Service Company of the Year, you are the organization who donated the most man-person hours to PODS in a volunteer capacity. There are so many ways to support the PODS Community with committees, working groups, etc. This company supported their team with the leeway to perform above and beyond for the benefit of the community – they showed up and got the job done!

Operator of the Year

As Operator of the Year, you are the operator who best exemplifies living, eating, breathing, and sleeping PODS. You are the operator willing to share your experience with the proven benefits and advancement due to use of PODS data structure. This operator has supported their teams to engage with all of the resources the PODS Community has to offer while translating the value of PODS for pipeline safety, asset knowledge management, regulatory compliance and optimized operations.