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The Pipeline Open Data Standard (PODS) is a non-profit (501 (c) (6) EIN # 841572421) member-driven organization that provides the widely recognized data model standard adopted by pipeline operators, service providers, vendors, and regulatory agencies for managing spatial data. The PODS Standard is the best starting point for implementing a GIS and data management program due to its effectiveness and scalability.

We are growing and adding more value to our members by building a pipeline community focused on the entire asset lifecycle, adding resources such as training, curated free live data layers, federal and state specific regulatory updates and technical solutions such as the new ESRI UNet (for Utility Network) and the ILI module using PODS 7.0.1.

Get involved by attending a community event or volunteering for a committee! Or sign up for a new workgroup to expand the 7.0.1 model to support the development of a brand new standardized water pipeline data model or help to create prescribed business processes for the first time in the Regulatory/Integrity Task Workgroup.

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Our Events

ESRI User Conference

Welcome to the future of GIS Join us in San Diego to learn, reconnect, and take a deep dive into the latest advances in geographic information system (GIS) technology. Get […]

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San Diego Convention Center, San Diego Convention Center
San Diego, CA 92101 United States
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PODSCast: Cathodic Protection Data within PODS featuring Burns & McDonnell

Joining us for this PODSCast will be PODS Members Burns & McDonnell to talk about Cathodic Protection Data within PODS.

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2023 PODS User Group Event – Back to School!

Executive Director – 25th Anniversary Celebration Updates

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PODSCast: PODS Beyond Data Management with ESRI

*Time above reflects Central Time (CST) Joining us for this PODSCast will be Jeff Allen, Global Pipeline Practice Lead for ESRI and PODS Board member, to talk about what else […]

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PODS Mission Statement

Develop and advance global community focused on safety, asset knowledge and pipeline data standards to support efficient data management and reporting for any energy infrastructure industry such as Natural Gas, Hazardous Liquids, Water, and Renewables.

PODS mission is in two parts:


Expanding and maintaining the only geospatial model specifically designed by and for pipeline operators with a focus on pipeline safety, single-system-of-record for pipeline asset locations and specifications, regulatory/integrity management, and inspection analysis.


Supporting a community of innovative thought leaders with resources focused on pipeline safety, digital asset knowledge management and the energy transition.

PODS Vision Statement

PODS Association will become the global community leader in pipeline data standards and best practices. Collaboration with the PODS member community will ensure the development of pipeline data models that are designed to support optimized and safe pipeline operations. PODS will be the best choice in any transmission pipeline industry.

Together we are growing our membership with a focus on the smaller operator and adding more value to all of our members by building a pipeline community focused on the entire asset lifecycle of pipeline safety, integrity and operations data. PODS vision is to be a hub for thought leadership, networking, data standards, and information via resources such as our learning management system and education library, scholarships, internship and job board, curated free live data layers, federal and state specific regulatory updates, and technical solutions.